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The Truth about Commercial Food Diets and Why Raw Food Diet is Best

By MiShaun Taylor

Countless people are feeding their pets the raw food diet and abandoning the commercial pet food industry altogether. This is because they are sick of feeding their dogs food that is unfit for human consumption, including waste and animal byproducts from slaughter houses. They’re tired of making the pet food industry richer while they make their beloved pets sicker. They are fed up with feeding their precious pooch ground animal heads, intestines, utters, hooves, and maybe even diseased and cancerous animal parts. Instead, they are doing research to learn of the many benefits of raw food and are making the switch. In fact, some traditional veterinarians are even discovering the health benefits of this diet and are suggesting it to their clients. And, the result is that the lives of these pets are changing for the better.

So, the next time you hear a commercial food ad, turn it off. Ignore those claims that commercial pet food is best food for your pet. Close your ears when you hear about how XYZ dog food is richly nutritious and how it will keep your pet healthy, happy and energized. Ignore it because you know the truth. You know what commercial pet food really contains and that processed food is nutritionally lacking and potentially deadly. Instead, you can hold your head high and know that a raw food diet is what your canine companion would eat in the wild and it is what their bodies are meant to eat.

In addition, raw food diets are not full of addititives that are nutritionally dense. Instead, they provide your pooch with nutritional value that you can see when your dog has more energy, healthier and cleaner teeth, less foul breath, less ear infections and other ailments, and stronger bones.

By deciding to give your dog a raw food diet, you will be giving him back the nutrition he has been lacking on a commercial diet. You’ll be giving him the gift of a better life and better health. So, start feeding your dog raw food now and he’ll truly love you for it.